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La Voie de l’Amoureux

(The Path of the Beloved)

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"La Voie de l’Amoureux (The Path of the Beloved) is my tenth album, and the first to include 4 studio improvisations out of eleven tracks. 
This album was inspired by the desire to know and experience the mysticism of the Divine. Rumi, Hafiz, and Murat Yagan helped me on this path.
One piece after another came to me during the years between my last album and this present offering. 

Each was born from total immersion in my experience of life. The everyday meetings with others, my revelations.
Falling in love with God, a state of intoxication by Life, with a deep sense of gratitude opens. This is where the music comes.
Here I find complete love and surrender myself in an absence of self-importance. This is the state which allows for improvisation, when the music of the present moment comes. This music is inspired by someone or something; it comes from silence and to silence it returns.”

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10% of all profits from this album

will be donated toward saving the Nepalese orphanage founded by the late Dr. Pankaj Naram. Learn more about the orphans at
Recorded and engineered by Laurent Compignie, Co-founder of Malambo Studio, Bois-Colombes, France. Released January 1, 2023. Special thanks to my A.Mir. for offering the art featured on the album cover.



Renara Akhoundova


Renara Akhoundova


Renara Akhoundova


Renara Akhoundova